Solo Ads Testimonials

Real testimonials from real people!

Great feedback for traffic

Heidi is a perfect example for the traffic quality I provide, and there is a good reason why she keeps coming back to the website to place more orders.

Each and every order is manually reviewed making sure the quality is always top notch! I care about my clients and the results they get with my traffic.

Eugene Collinger

Eugene had a great run and was very happy with how solid my traffic was.


Great first run with Ali Lihic.

Domen Deu solo ads testimonial

Domen Deu

Great run, highly recommended!

Barry Lange "USA, full time Internet Marketer"

Fantastic Campaign by Ali as expected! Always a consistently great experience!

Heidi Bobal

Ali has some crazy subs – they click on all links and open the emails, and I got some sales too! Highly recommend his traffic!

yesper yeo solo ads

Jesper Yeo

Great seller, Good traffic! Buying again!

Darren Goligher

Very Happy I tried Ali’s traffic It did not disappoint!

Kresimir Klukovic solo ads testimonial results

Kresimir Klukovic "The traffic mastermind"

First try of Ali’s traffic went great! Great results, great speed

Chillim NG solo ads testimonial


A fantastic run with Ali with some fresh traffic. 




Phillip Coble was very happy with my traffic – 3 Front End sales worth 27$ each from  200 clicks!

Extremely satisfied with the results for this FREE SOLO RUN which paid for itself




Barry Lange premium clicks vendor – 70% Optin Rate!

High opt ins and above all – VERY REPONSIVE. Super High Quality