Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn money online. Everyone can use some extra cash, and some even make a living out of it ( think in the range of 100k+ a year, some even more ).

When starting with affiliate marketing, It can seem very confusing in the beginning, but it is quite simple.

There is a lot of competition in this business. Therefore you must keep on learning new things to keep up with the trend to beat your competition. So you should always stay learned in your niche.


The in’s and out’s of Affiliate Marketing, How does it work?


You will sign up for an affiliate network and “affiliate” yourself with a product vendor. When you have selected which goods or services you would like to promote, you’ll get an affiliate link.
When a visitor clicks on this link, they’ll end up vendor’s sale page, and if they buy the product, you will get a “cut” commission on every sale.
The commissions per sale can range anywhere between 5 and 20%. It is also crucial to note that the fees percentages vary between different networks and products. We will cover all the “big affiliate networks” later on in this article.


Now that you got your affiliate link sorted, the only missing piece of the puzzle is traffic, so people visit that link and you hopefully get sales coming in your account’s dashboard.

While it may be tempting to spam your affiliate links on forums and blog comment sections, this is short-sighted and is totally ineffective.
We firmly advise you not to do it. It sounds easy to do, and you might be thinking to yourself if I spam my link people are for sure going to visit it, and I’ll start getting payouts on a daily basis. WRONG.

Put it this way, if you keep randomly spamming your links to people which you have not made any contact before, think they will click on the URL and buy the product via your affiliate link, do you think they are going to give you any of their attention?
What would you do if somebody spammed his link?
You would ignore it of course because it’s not laser targeted not to mention it’s not nice, and you would get reported as a spammer sooner or later.


There are dozens of problems when “spamming” everywhere, but for the purpose of this article we will only focus on the main two which are:

1. Spam Filters
2.Affiliate Networks Complaint


Since 2009, Social Media Spam filter algorithms have advanced tremendously!
What used to work back then, will certainly not fly today. Save yourself the hassle and don’t spam. Read on.

Nowadays, most, if not all spam filters recognize the structure of affiliate links, and those links will automatically be deleted, possibly getting your account banned from the forum/social media in the process.

These filters are especially refined and enforced in Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Did you know that each of these companies has hundreds of “anti-spam divisions”?
Multiple teams across the globe dedicated to protecting “end users” from spam. Good luck trying to outsmart them!


There are certain methods of “cloaking” the affiliate link, but we are talking high tech advanced marketer’s tactics here. Those cloaking techniques will not likely leak out for public use because truth be told nobody wants to create more competition for themselves.

More competition equals less commissions.
Less competition equals more commissions.
Which one would you go for?
If you are looking to get more information about cloaking your affiliate links click on the link below and download our readers’ private guide “Cloaking Monster Whitepaper” for free.

The second thing to worry about is if the affiliate network receives complaints about one of their aff links are spammed to death on a forum or comment section, they will terminate your account and withhold any pending payments, as they do not like to be associated with such tactics.
So actually, in the long run, it does not pay off to spam!

Now that we know what not to do, in the following section, we will cover four primary methods of getting traffic to your offers.
There are hundreds of time-tested strategies for promoting your affiliate products in a way that will generate a high click-through rate and a large number of sales main being:

Review Sites
Niche Blogging
Video Marketing
Email Marketing



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Many affiliate vendors of e-books and other digital products will be happy to send you a review copy or at least a sample of the product in exchange for an honest review. Them giving you a review copy increase their sales, so they would be crazy not to respond.

Also, there are many premium review-style themes for WordPress that will enable you to set ratings and insert affiliate links with ease.
Our recommendation: Divi Theme by Elegant Themes


When requesting a review copy from a vendor, take notes of how quickly he replies and the tone he’s addressing you.
If he’s a friendly and supportive seller, you’re good; you can promote their products.
Why? The simple answer to that is, if he responds quickly to all questions and is uber supportive, means that he cares about the product he is promoting and he stands behind it.
There are fewer chances of buyers requesting chargebacks and money back. Giving you more money in the long run, not to mention that you don’t want too many chargebacks on your account because that will lower your score and you will hardly get new products to promote.



Video marketing method is making a video (or several videos) showcasing the product you are promoting.
Again, an impartial review-style is a good idea. If you have access to the product or service, try to show a video of the product being used. ( Ask the vendors for a review copy, or even purchase it yourself to make sure it’s decent enough to promote )
YouTube videos with proper tags and description will rank very well in search engines. Because Google owns Youtube, and Youtube itself is a video content search engine.



If you already have a blog about one of your interests or have thought about making one, then this is a good method for you.
Write articles in your niche of choice and link to products. Some “basic” on page search engine optimization is required, but that is a subject for another article. Focus on creating high-quality content for your readers, so that they will trust you when you recommend a product.



This can be used in combination with a niche blog. You will mainly be collecting email addresses of users who sign up to receive information from you. They must opt in to receive information about your affiliate products; you cannot buy a list of untargeted email addresses and flood their inbox with unsolicited messages (this is not only ineffective but illegal as well). Many email marketing services will generate web forms which can be placed on your website.
Just like with a niche blog, try to provide your subscribers with good, useful content so that they will remain subscribers for a long time.
Once in a while, you can send them an affiliate link to an excellent product or service that you think they will find useful.
If you send them nothing but spammy advertisements, they will unsubscribe en masse. If you care about your list, moreover if you care about the relationship with your list you will not spam.

Hope you enjoyed the article if you have any questions or comments share your thoughts using the form below!